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12. Trierer Chormeile

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12. Trier Choir Mile

Date: 27th April 2019 from 11am
Location: Kornmarkt and city center

Also in its twelfth edition, the event will be again powerful in voice: 44 choirs and vocal formations with almost 1,200 singers - a new record! Whether gospel, shanty, musical, operetta, pop, rock, blues or jazz - there is something for every taste at least one of the 12 stations.

It starts as always at 11.00 clock, at 13.15 clock there is again the common open singing and in the evening at 18.30 clock the big final singing with two choirs from Hülzweiler on the Kornmarkt. On the day of the event you will find an information stand next to the stage at the Kornmarkt.

Miriam Druckmüller from ttm is looking forward to the vocal diversity: "The musical spectrum ranges from classical songs to gospel, shanty, musicals and operettas to pop, rock, blues and jazz." The choral part on 27 April 2019 offers a musical variety a capella singing, which is unique in the region. "

The highlight of the day is traditionally open singing for the Friends of the Vocal at 13:15. The event ends at 19.00 clock with a common, great graduation singing at the Kornmarkt.

Samples, sing, perform - in 180 minutes


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