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Mosel Musikfestival: Peter Beets Trio

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 Admission: 9/19/29/39/59 €

Chopin meets the Blues

Peter Beets, piano
Marius Beets, bass
Gijs Dijkuizen, Drums

When Chopin meets the blues, it sounds like Peter Beets. The Dutch pianist is one of the most sought-after jazz artists of our time. With its homage to Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849), the Peter Beets Trio combines jazz improvisations with the romantic composer's free art of improvisation. In the baroque hall of the former monastery of Machern, Peter Beets approaches the emotional world of this extraordinary musician, who revolutionized piano playing in the 19th century both technically and acoustically by introducing innovations in fingering and pedal use. Greg Simmons writes on the jazz website "All about Jazz": "While it can be helpful to know about the romantic pianist Frédéric Chopin while listening to pianist Peter Beets play "Chopin meets the Blues", it is by no means necessary. First of all, he plays jazz, and very good jazz."


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