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Wünschelrouten: Literarische Wanderung auf dem Klostergartenweg Brauneberg

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From the Franziskannerinen monastery in Brunnenstraße you walk a little uphill. Then follow a narrow path - through a mixed forest - to the Filzener Schutzhütte. Small stairs and a winding path through the deciduous forest lead you to a wider forest hiking trail.
Along this forest path, boards provide information about the tree nature trail Filzen. At the end of the nature trail the view over the Moselle valley and the wine villages Brauneberg, Mülheim, Maring-Noviand, Kesten and Osann-Monzel is very beautiful. Slightly ascending and over soft forest ground you continue through the open landscape. Wide meadows alternate with cultivated fields. Above the vineyards the panorama changes: the Hunsrück with the villages Burgen, Gornhausen and Veldenz is in sight. Along the edge of the forest, then again through an open landscape of fields, you continue in the direction of
Brauneberg. A signpost shows you the way to the Jewish cemetery Brauneberg. The detour of about 500 m is worthwhile: A sign informs you about the importance and the historical background of the burial place.
The path then leads you through the corridor, which is still known today as the "Klostergarten" (monastery garden). In 1810 the former monastery grounds and the nun community Filzen were secularised (dissolved) under Napoleon. The wine and field names Klostergarten, Nonnenberg and Nonnenberg also date from this period.
or Nonneneck. Above the vineyards you go back to the starting point. A visit to the monastery complex and the Moselle Museum of Local History after the hike is certainly worthwhile.

Maximum number of participants: 25 persons
Length of the hike: approx. 10 km
Price: 14€ per person (incl. 1 cup of coffee and 1 piece of cake)
Dogs are not permitted.

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