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Krimidinner "Die Nacht des Schreckens"

River Bär
Moselstr. 7
54486 Mülheim an der Mosel

Tel. (0049)6534 9477564



Welcome to the birthday party!   Lord Ashtonburry, wealthy landlord at Darkwood Castle - a venerable mansion in Scotland - celebrates his 60th birthday. In the circle of his family and supported by the members of the Puddingclub, an association for the preservation of the Scottish customs, is celebrated and an exquisite 4 course menuerviert. Friends, companions of bygone times, all that has rank and name, come together to celebrate this jubilee. But a dark shadow from the past wants to take revenge and puts a terrible curse on Lord Ashtonburry. Will the curse be fulfilled? What sacrifices does the Dark Shadow claim?  The dinner guests are invited as guests of the Ashtonburry family to help with the investigation.
The original KRIMIDINNER® from WORLD of DINNER. More than 1.5 million enthusiastic dinner guests since 2002. We invite you to an exciting excursion into the crime time of the 60s. As esteemed guests of the honourable Ashtonburry family, our dinner guests experience the crime staged in the style of Edgar Wallace up close - always with an exquisite menu from our gastronomy partners.
Admission: 18 h, Start: 19 h, Price: 85€ per person

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