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"The Spring Table" Exquisite four-course menu according to an old recipe, music, dance and burger exploration by torchlight, 19 h, 76€

On the Saturday evening before Easter we greet spring with a medieval full-bodied atmosphere: Four courses of hearty treats are framed by the tender buds of the art of the minstrel Thelonius Dilldapp.
Master chef and musician present a feast for the palate and the ears according to an old recipe, each telling a fairy tale from ancient times in his own way. And while one spoon and ladle swing and sing hymns of praise under your taste buds, the other leads you musically through five centuries: with melodies and dances on bagpipes, hurdy-gurdies and cisterns.
Let yourself be guided to the table by the lord of the castle himself, enjoy with all your senses, finally conquer the ancient walls of the Ehrenburg during a nocturnal burger reconnaissance by torchlight.
Immerse yourself in a dream of bygone times, hear the sound of hooves and swords echoing from the walls - and discover real knightly hospitality for an evening!

Menu "Frühlingstafeley" (spring table)

Not just poor people's food.
Crusty mill bread with oniongriebenschmalz and plucked house cheese

From the big cauldron
Carrot-ginger soup with herb croutons

Till the belly stretches
Pork chop and braised chicken in Riesling sauce, fish dish from the daily market, flour dumplings and colorful root vegetables with sauce and sauce

At the foot of the keep
Castle marc in a tumbling cup

Mosel style
Apple pancake with hazelnut cream



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