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Gartenführung der GartenRoute Hunsrück-Mittelrhein

GartenRoute Hunsrück-Mittelrhein e.V.
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Garden tours 2020 of the GartenRoute Hunsrück-Mittelrhein e.V. with Birgit Mietzner "Spring in the Garden" '

Get to know one of our gardens in detail on Sundays.
The garden tours last approx. 1.5 hours, no registration is necessary and costs 5 euros per person.

Garden with view

- Wide view in Mosel Valley and Eifel
- Dream garden directly at the dream path

- Various garden rooms with comfortable seats

- Three-level levels through set quarrystone walls

- Variety of fruit stocks:
   Old fruit trees (apple, cherry, plum, mirabelle plum) Berry fruit (prickly, currant, raspberry and strawberry, josta)
   Wild fruit (cornel cherry, sloe, elder, rowan, sea buckthorn)
- Numerous spring bulbs (chessboard, tulip, leek, anemone)

- Lush Alpine Clematis
- Small kitchen herb garden  

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