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Weinhöfefest in Minheim

54518 Minheim


The wine yards in Minheim an der Mosel are open for you.

Also in this year the winegrowers in Minheim open their wine cellars and grant an insight into the wine cellar. Experience Minheim and its winegrowers in a different way.

Background information about Minheim:
Minheim with its beautiful location is mentioned already in 1061 in a document of the Trier cathedral chapter. The Moselle with its large waters is surrounded by three points of the compass and thus favours the heat storage in the valley, which is so important for viticulture. Today the Minheimer winegrowers cultivate Riesling, Rivaner and Burgunder vines on their sunny island on an area of 160 ha. Fresh, sparkling wines with an honest character reflect the attitude to life of the winegrowers in Minheim.

Festivals & celebrations

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