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Woche der Artenvielfalt: Yoga auf Traumpfaden

Kreisvolkshochschule Mayen-Koblenz
Bahnhofstraße 9
56068 Koblenz

Tel. (0049) 261-108368



Yoga on dream paths

11.05.2020, 18.30 until about 20.30 Come with us for a walk in nature, take your time and enjoy a wonderful evening in a special place. The Cobern castle path leads us past the Niederburg, up the Way of the Cross to the Matthias Chapel. There we roll out our yoga mat and learn about the variations of the sun salutation and other asanas (exercises). You will learn various yoga flows, because Vinyasa Yoga means "flowing flows". Enjoy your "Outdoor Yoga" class in the fresh air and let the evening come to a cosy end with a glass of wine in exchange with the instructor Simone Weckbecker (Yoga teacher DTB) and the other participants. No previous knowledge is required for this course. Please bring your own: Yoga mat or picnic blanket as well as clothing adapted to the weather, blanket, drink, sturdy shoes and warm socks. Meeting point: Kobern-Gondorf, ascent to the castle Registration under phone 0261-108368 or by e-mail: Participation fee: 8 EUR / person


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Mo18:30–20:30 Uhr