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Woche der Artenvielfalt: Erlebnis blühender Würzlaygarten

Lehmer Razejunge
Auf der Pat 25
56332 Lehmen



Experience a flowering Würzlay garden

14.05.2020, 9.00 am to 11.30 am On the experience day for the "Rappelkiste" Lehmen day care centre, young visitors can marvel at - understand - understand the flowering plant world in the herb garden of the Lehmer Razejunge. The tasty herbs are explained, leaves may be ground up and the scent perceived. The benefits and use of the aromatic plants are explained in a child-oriented manner. Creative flower pictures are created from blossoms and may of course be taken home as souvenirs. In addition to the children of the Rappelkiste day care centre, parents are of course also invited. Meeting place: Razejungewingert, Lehmener Würzlay Registration for adults required by phone 02607-1663 or by e-mail: Participation fee: 3 EUR / adult; children and young people free of charge

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