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Longhike 20 auf dem "Moselsteig"

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 Longhike 20 "Moselle Trail"
The longhike is a four-day long distance hike over 94km from Cochem to Koblenz on the Moselle trail and takes place from 16.5 to 19.5.20. The premiere was last year on the Harzer Hexenstieg.

There are only few and simple rules:

-At each stage location there is a common accommodation recommendation, each with fixed accommodation and the possibility to camp. These accommodations ,or if you want others, you book and pay yourself.

-The organisation fee is 15€ by bank transfer to the account DE98 1203 0000 1012 8491 86 at the DKB, keyword Longhike plus name and place of residence. This is also the registration for the Longhike. The fee includes a cult trailer for the backpack.

-The Longhike is not a group hike where everybody has to go together. Everyone should start at their own discretion between 7-11 a.m., there is no fixed starting date. So everybody can go at his own rhythm, you meet each other on the way or you exchange your experiences in the evening. Thus, it is also common during long distance hiking tours as for example the Camino de Santiago. Of course it is also possible to go planned in pairs or in groups. The Moselle trail is completely well marked.
Everyone walks at their own risk.

-At 19 o'clock there is a common dinner at each accommodation place which everybody pays on the spot. It is recommended to participate, but this is also not obligatory. In addition short lectures, evenings at the fire bowl or similar are planned.

16.5.20 Cochem - Treis-Karden 24km
17.5.20 Treis-Karden - Löf 27km
18.5.20 Löf - Winningen 28km
19.5.20 Winningen - Koblenz 15km

The accommodation recommendations will follow soon.
By sending an e-mail to with the subject Longhike you will receive detailed information. An early booking is recommended. When booking accommodation, please mention the participant Longhike. If you are willing to share a room with any Longhiker, please ask for this when booking.
There is no minimum or maximum number of participants, the accommodation capacity is limited.
Changes and updates are possible.

What do I have to do if I want to participate?

-Register as described above
-book accommodation
-Get a hiking map Moselsteig (recommendation)
ISBN-13: 9783899206999
-To take care of equipment (backpack, hiking boots, etc.)

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