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International ADAC Motorboat Race 06.- 07.06.2020

A special event in the beautiful Mosel valley this weekend in May is the International ADAC Motorboat Race. Then the community of Brodenbach will be transformed into a bustling motor sport location with an international flair and thousands of spectators.

Since 1973 the ADAC Gau Mittelrhein e.V., Koblenz, has been organising the International Motorboat Race on the Moselle in Brodenbach. Here in the most diverse boat classes runs and decisions to the German championship, to the European championship and to the world championship are delivered. Thus the race on the Mosel underlines its position as the most important event of racing on the water in Rhineland-Palatinate and one of the most important in Germany.

The "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Motorbotrennen Brodenbach/Mosel", founded in 1980 with the volunteer fire brigade Brodenbach and the Musikverein Brodenbach, supports the ADAC Mittelrhein in organizing the race. The members of the working group erect and dismantle the floating launch pad and the jetty on the shore and operate the drink and snack stands of the event.

The Saturday evening at the wine and beer fountain is very popular. Here the racing drivers, the teams and officials as well as the representatives of the organizer ADAC meet with the population of Brodenbach and the surrounding area for a cosy get-together. The Musikverein Brodenbach will frame this event musically and provide a Moselle atmosphere.

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