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Menütheater- Höfische Tafeley


56332 Brodenbach

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Menu Theatre - Courtly Dinner

"Die Höfische Tafeley" Exquisite four-course menu according to an old recipe, music, dance and fire show on the bastion tower, 7 pm, 76€

At the "Höfische Tafeley" you will experience two selected specialities: chefs and minstrels present a feast for the palate and ears according to an old recipe, each in his own way telling a fairytale from ancient times. And while one spoon and ladle is swinging and singing praises to your taste buds, the others will accompany you musically through five centuries: the minstrels will spoil you with melodies and dances on bagpipes and hurdy-gurdy, key fiddle and Spanish lute.

Let the lord of the castle himself escort you to the table, enjoy with all your senses, and finally conquer the ancient walls of the Ehrenburg during a nightly exploration of the castle by torchlight.

Immerse yourself in a dream of times long past, listen to the sound of hooves and swords echoing from the walls - and discover true knightly hospitality for an evening!
Menu "The Courtly Tabley

Not only poor people eat
Crusty mill bread with onion grated lard and plucked house cheese

From the large boiler
Orange-carrot soup with ginger (seasonal)

Until the belly stretches
Depending on the season, we serve either juicy salted Kassler, braised chicken in Riesling sauce or pink roasted minute steaks from the grill with red wine jus, an additional seasonal fish or meat dish from the daily market (z.(e.g. wild boar goulash with fried mushrooms, fried salmon fillet with dill-mustard sauce), fried triplets or another side dish such as herb spaetzle, served with colourful root vegetables with sauce and dip

At the foot of the keep
pomace in a tumbler

Moselle style
Apple pancakes with hazelnut cream

The selection of dishes and side dishes may differ from the above information!

Wein und Kulinarik

  • regional cuisine







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