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Köche und Winzer der Terrassenmosel- Präsentation des neuen Jahrgangs

Weingut Freiherr von Heddesdorff
Am Moselufer 10
56333 Winningen

Tel. (0049) 2606 962033
Fax (0049) 2606 962034



Presentation of the new vintage - Sunday, 21 June, 13.00 to 18.00 hours

Take the opportunity to taste all our wines in a relaxed atmosphere in the courtyard of our winery.

Look forward to exciting Riesling and Pinot Noir wines, as well as Secco and sparkling wines.

Host: Winery Freiherr von Heddesdorff

free entrance

Winery Freiherr von Heddesdorff
Irmgard and Andreas von Canal
On the banks of the Moselle 10
56333 Winningen, Germany
Tel. 2606 962033 Fax 962034

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Wein und Kulinarik

  • regional cuisine


So13:00–18:00 Uhr