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In 1975 some of the old town residents created this festival to draw attention to the urgent need for old town renovation (which has now been completed). From humble beginnings a great festival arose, which now has a good reputation beyond the city limits. Music and entertainment is offered in all the squares. Here you can also meet real ‘Schängel’, hear the “Kowelenzer Platt” dialect and, under certain circumstances, even get to enjoy one or two “Stekkelcher”, stories from everyday Koblenz life handed down by word of mouth.

Venue: Old City of Koblenz
Veranstalter: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Altstadtfest (Café Hahn, Große Koblenzer Karnevalsgesellschaft, Einsteingastronomiegruppe)

Wein und Kulinarik

  • regional cuisine

Culture / customs / markets

  • folkloric/traditional evening

Festivals & celebrations

  • folk festival
  • open air festival
  • culinary festival
  • city festival/village fair


  • folk music
  • music events/concerts