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Traumzeit Ehrenburger Sommer-Die Geschichte vom Rosentroll


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The story of the rose troll "Ehrenburg Summer" An interactive theatre adventure, burger exploration and riddles, culinary delights, 11 - 18 o'clock Welcome to the very lively Ehrenburg! The Story of the Rose Troll An interactive theatrical adventure For many years, intrepid fighters have been trying to get into the fortress of the mysterious Rose Troll. It is said that he holds a beautiful king's daughter captive in the highest tower. What has so far been unsuccessful, could succeed this summer: A community of adventurers large and small has gathered to finally free the princess. But there are many hurdles to overcome, trials to pass and riddles to solve... In July and August, the Gimolino Duo will stage this open-air play about friendship and chivalry, sharp eyes and wisdom exclusively at the Ehrenburg. It is suitable for children from 6 years - and the rest of their family. In order to protect the health of all and to comply with the official regulations, advance booking by e-mail or telephone is required. And: against growling stomachs there are selected delicacies from the court kitchen.

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