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Mosel Musikfestival: Sommersprossen: Ritter Friedlolin

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Knight Friedolin is desperate. He simply wants to tell his beloved that he likes her. Maybe even a little more than that. But how can he do that? Whenever he sees her, he is so impressed by her beauty that he doesn't get a word out of his mouth. It's a good thing he runs into damsel Maren. She knows that music has reached the heart of every woman. And she wants to help him. Minnesong or - as they say today: a love song - should be the solution for the shy knight with the wonderfully special voice. But which songs and which music will help to conquer the heart of the beloved? For this Friedolin needs not only Maren, but also your support! The concert will take place in two timeslots to implement the current Corona regulations. The first timeslot starts at 10am, the second slot at 4pm. Pupils and students only pay half price. Students of Trier's universities have the possibility to use the cultural semester ticket DiMiDo for this and all other concerts of the Moselle Music Festival series.

Price: from 5 €


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