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Mittwochsfahrt mit dem Römischen Weinschiff

Touristinformation Piesport/Minheim
Heinrich-Schmitt-Platz 1
54498 Piesport

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Between the wine press and fort - from Neumagen to the wine press in Piesport From 01.07.2020 until 09.09.2020, the Stella Noviomagi will be travelling every Wednesday from Neumagen-Dhron to the Roman wine press in Piesport and back again. On board there will be a tour guide who will also accompany the guests through the Roman wine press plant. After a glass of wine as a refreshment in the winepress, the trip goes back to Neumgagen-Dhron. Start is always at 14.00 o'clock from the small harbour in the Moselstraße in Neumagen-Dhron, which was specially built for the Stella.

The event takes about 2 hours.
Price incl. 1 glass of wine or sparkling water
Adults 18,- €
Children 6-14 years 9,-€
Infants free
Bookings via the tourist information Neumagen-Dhron Tel. 06507-6555 or


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