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"Night of the Jugglers" Sparkling juggler revue for a four-course menu with the jugglers "Malonius" and "Bagatelli" as well as the minstrel "Janko vom See", 7 pm, 76€

The jugglers always have the waggishness in their neck and will guide you through the evening in a charming way.
With almost unbelievable skill and at breathtaking speed they present their unique juggling with 3, 4 and 5 balls and defy gravity in an incomparable way.
Technique in perfection, twittering facial expressions and ingenious improvisation on a high level inspire the audience and make this performance an unforgettable experience.
In addition, the sounds of old minstrels' art resound and carry you away into another time.
Our chef uses autumnal ingredients and composes tasty dishes from sweet to salty and the inexhaustible aromas in between. Let yourself be carried away into a frenzy for all senses!
Menu "The night of the jugglers"

Allerley Kurzweyl from the castle kitchen
Crusty mill bread with onion grated lard and plucked house cheese

The juggler's culinary morality
Pumpkin cream soup

Curiosities and culinary delights
Game goulash, braised chicken in Riesling sauce, spaetzle and colourful root vegetables with sauce and dip

The Fool's Reward
pomace in a tumbler

Sweet magic of the kitchen master
Apple pancakes with hazelnut cream

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