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ABGESAGT-Köche und Winzer der Terrassenmosel- Das Lachen im Keller geht weiter

Hotel-Restaurant Pistono
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56332 Dieblich

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The laughter in the cellar continues

Saturday, 21 November 2020, 19.00 h

For many years the wine cabaret artist Ingo Konrads has been performing on high stages and in deep cellars. He has conquered and proven himself to an enthusiastic audience with his drinkable comedy programmes: The world of wine is by no means dry, but contains much fun and comedy.

Now the artist brings the best numbers from his programmes to the Restaurant-Hotel Pistono in Dieblich. Look forward to an evening full of wine humour and word jokes, fine nostalgia and excellent entertainment. Walter Pistono will serve you a wonderful menu accompanied by the Rieslings of the Gietzen Winery.

Host: Restaurant-Hotel Pistono, Dieblich
Winemaker: Winemaker's farm Gietzen, Hatzenport
Wine Comedy: Ingo Konrads

Price per person: 89 €
Programme, wines, water, menu

Vineyard Gietzen
Mary and Albrecht Gietzen
Moselle road 70
56332 Hatzenport
Phone 02605 952371 Fax 952372

Restaurant-Hotel Pistono
Walter Pistono
Main road 30
56332 Thieving
Tel. 02607 218 Fax 1039

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