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Weinwanderung in Lieser: Let´s go Mosel

Weingut Kochan & Platz
Beethovenstr. 8
54470 Lieser

Tel. (0049) 6531 9729320
Fax (0049) 6531 972395



Fascinating. Delightful. Contactless.
Take a walk through the Lieser vineyards. Follow our hints and discover the treasure chests deposited for you. Decipher the riddle and taste the finest wines. An exciting treasure hunt with insight, "wine view" and outlook!

Individual dates after registration.

Registration required on 06531 9729320 and 06531 6432 or by e-mail (limited number of participants)

3 routes:

1st route: 3.5 km, duration: 2 hours, costs: 29€ p.p.

2nd route: 6 km, duration: 3-4 hours, costs 29€ p.p.

3rd route: 7,5 km, duration: day walk, cost 39€ per person per day

Included in the price: welcome secco, 1 wine glass to take away, 3 wines, something to nibble, 1 bottle of water per station, hiking information.

Excursions / trips / tours

  • mountain tour


  • Natur & Aktiv (Saisonverlängerung)
  • Wein & Kulinarik (Saisonverlängerung)

Miscellaneous events

  • wine tasting


Mo–So11:00–12:30 Uhr