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No Christmas market - but "Weihnachtsstadt" in Bernkastel-Kues Werbekreis and Stadt offer a Christmas town instead of a Christmas market in December.

Until the end, the Werbekreis and the town of Bernkastel-Kues wanted to keep it open whether a Christmas market could be offered or not. "Now that the lockdown has not really contained the number of infections, there can be no Christmas market as we know it from the past," explains city mayor Wolfgang Port. But the organisers have considered an alternative. "The Christmas stalls will all be set up - not as sales stalls, however, but as shop window or information stands. In addition, there will be appropriate lighting and sound, so that at least some Christmas market flair is created," explains Frank Hoffmann, Chairman of the Advertising Circle. The annual shop-window competition organised by the development agency runs parallel to this. This year, 16 retail businesses decorate their window displays under the motto "Delicious Christmas". In addition, the individual decoratively designed Christmas stalls, so that visitors to the Christmas town have something to look at after all. All the other attractions such as the Advent calendar in the Adler Pharmacy or the pyramid at the Bärenbrunnen will also be on display.


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