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773. Moosemannfest

Heimatfreunde Alken e.V.
Mittelstraße 16
56332 Alken

Tel. (0049) 2605/1726



Fixed programme:

11:00 a.m. Morning pint on the fairground in the Moselallee
11.30 a.m. Start of food sale
Opening of the coffee and cake stand
14.00 Welcome of the guests by the mayor of the village
A knight on horseback reads the story of the origin of the festival
14.30 hrs Parade with music, moss man, knight and besiegers armed with halberds as well as all festival visitors through the village.
The children exchange their vineyard posts for Moosemannbrezel at the last married couple in Alken.
Afterwards entertainment for big and small festival visitors on the fairground in the Moselallee

This Sunday Thurant Castle can be visited free of charge. From 14.00 - 17.00 there is also the opportunity to visit the historic city gate, the Fallerport, in the Oberstraße. Here the "Interessengemeinschaft Historisches Alken" presents its work and the model of the medieval Alken with city wall.
The 1000 year old St. Michael's Chapel is open at the same time. The St. Michael's Brotherhood invites you to visit it.
The origin of the festival goes back to 1248, when Thurant Castle was taken over by the Archbishops of Trier and Cologne after more than a year of siege.

The Alkener Heimatfreunde have also made all the necessary preparations for this year's festival and hope for beautiful spring weather and many visitors. Besides the procession and entertainment in the Moselallee there will be the opportunity to visit Thurant Castle for free.

From 14.00 - 17.00 the "Interessengemeinschaft Historisches Alken" invites you to visit the Fallerport, the town gate in the centre of the village.
It informs about its work and shows the model of Alken in the Middle Ages with the city wall.
In addition, the St. Michael's Brotherhood invites you to visit the 1000 year old St. Michael's Chapel at the same time.


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