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A popular legend in the Moselle city says that in the 14th century the Trier Elector Boemund II became seriously feverish during a stay at Landshut Castle. No medicine helped and none of his famous doctors knew what to do.
With a small barrel of his best wine an old winegrower came to the Elector and explained to him that this wine was the best medicine. After his enjoyment, the Elector was healed. As a sign that this wine was "the true Doctor", the Elector awarded the vineyard the high distinction of being allowed to call itself "Berncasteler Doctor" from now on.

In the footsteps of a legend
That's how the Bernkastel Doctor got his name. So far, in short, the legend around the "Bernkasteler Doctor". This legend was an incentive for us to create a special kind of guided tour: the "City Tour with the Bernkastel Doctor". The 90-minute tour through the old town of Bernkastel includes - Nomen est omen - 2 glasses of Doctor wine and costs 11.50 euros per person.

Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: 11,50 Euro per person incl. 2 glasses of Doctor wine
Meeting point: Karlsbader Platz

Due to the current situation, the following should be noted:

  • Maximum number of participants: 15 persons A minimum distance of 1.5 metres between persons - except between members of one household and possibly the other household - must be maintained at all times during the tour.
  • The meeting point for the guided tour as well as the entire course is located outside.
  • During the guided tour no objects are passed around. -Take care that the rules of hygiene are observed (cough and sneeze label).
  • Guests who show cold symptoms are not allowed to take part in the guided tour in order not to endanger other participants and the guide.
  • Registration at the Moselle Guest Centre is required! Tickets for the guided tours can be purchased at the Moselle Guest Center. Phone: 06531/500190, e-mail: -We recommend wearing a mouth-nose cover during the tour.
  • Guest guides must wear a mask during the guided tour.
  • Name, address and telephone number of all participants will be collected in compliance with data protection regulations to enable the tracing of infections.

The price for group tours is, up to 11 persons, 120 Euro. For groups of 12 persons or more, the price is 11.50 euros per person. The price for group tours in English, French or Flemish is 130 Euro for groups up to 11 persons. For groups of 12 persons or more, the price is 12.50 euros per person.

The Doctor-Wein-Tour can of course also be booked for other dates - just call: Phone 06531/500190.
You can buy your tickets in advance at the Mosel Guest Centre:
by phone: 06531/500190
by e-mail:

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