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Ferienwohnung Feller Hof

Feller Hof 2
54341 Fell

Tel. (0049) 176 83336164


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The holiday apartment Feller Hof is adjacent to a historic farm - today a horse breeding and pension business - which is located in a secluded location on a beautiful mountain hill surrounded by forests and vineyards. The feller Hof on the Feller Mountain is far away from street noise and stress. here you can enjoy nature, relaxation and tranquility. There are beautiful hiking opportunities in the surrounding area. Some paths lead just a few steps past the farm, such as the "Schiefer-Wackenweg".

On the Feller Mountain you will find also a former mine with visiting center, to which you can hike very nicely. Trier, german's oldest city with its numerous historic and cultural sights, is about an hour's drive away. On the occasion of the 2000th birthday of Karl Marx, there will be a wide range of exhibitions and other sientifiic and cultural highlights in Trier.

The farm is not connected to public transport, therefore, a journey is only possible by car.