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Burgen und seine Brücken

Am Frohnbach 21
54472 Burgen

Tel. (0049) 6534 948642



In total, 20 bridges and walkways lead across the Frohnbach stream in the village area. There are bigger and smaller, wooden and stone bridges among them. Few places in the region can compete with Burgen, which is indeed very rich in bridges. The Hanseatic city of Hamburg, with 2,500 bridges, has more bridges than any other European city. It has more bridges than Venice, Amsterdam and London taken together. Yet, when it comes to bridges per head, Burgen lies far ahead of Hamburg. In Hamburg, 700 inhabitants have to share one bridge, while in Burgen, they built one bridge per 30 inhabitants. So, it is quite obvious that the international press is doing a great injustice to Burgen, as it is still less famous for bridges than Hamburg.