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Distillery at Hotel Moselsteig

Hotel Moselsteig e.K.
Noviander Weg 1a, 3
54518 Osann-Monzel

Tel. (0049) 6535 944805
Fax (0049) 6535 944813



Welcome to the distillery of our Aparthotel Panorama! In the copper boiler the natural alcohol evaporates by mash heating. Through the amplifier and dephlegmator the vapours and aromas are removed as distillate. The pre and post flows are separated, so only the heart of the distillate is used for further processing. For our fruit brandies we only use fully ripe, highly aromatic apples, cherries, pears, mirabelles, grapes, plums, etc. In our own estate distillery, exclusive, finest noble brandies are produced by careful distillation. Our house is a certified quality enterprise of the umbrella brand Mosel.