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Drachen-und Gleitschirmfliegen Noviand

Mosel-Falken e.V.
Kapellenweg 25
54338 Schweich-Issel

Tel. (0049) 6502 936960


Hang-gliding stating/landing site in NOVIAND Klosterberg, S-SW Information at: Drachenfliegerclub Trier e.V. Mr. Horst Zimmer, Weidegasse 5, 54290 Trier. Tel: 06502-3060 or 0651-72842. Many staring/landing sites for hang-gliders in the region. Starting sites for every wind direction within a radius of 20 km. In summer and winter thermal flights and long-distance flights, respectively. Guest pilots are welcome to use the sites after a familiarisation by a member. Another site is in Neumagen-Dhron, NE-SE.