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Gemeinde Mülheim an der Mosel

Haus der Gemeinde
Hauptstraße 60
54486 Mülheim an der Mosel

Tel. (0049) 6534 948734
Fax (0049) 6534 948735



Golden sunbeams on a blue background characterize the Sonnenlay, the most famous wine site of Mülheim. It was a world sensation when the airship “Graf Zeppelin” took off for its first tour of the world in the evening of August 7 in 1929. On board, they also had wine from Mülheim´s Sonnenlay site, which soon became the most popular wine of all transatlantic zeppelin flights. It became the “king of the skies” in the pioneering days of aviation. Mülheim is not only a wine growing community rich in tradition, but also full of surprises. There are plenty of secret romantic places to discover. The bourgeois architecture in town reflects the great historic success of the local wine trade. You will find a lot of living history at Mülheim, from the Merovingians via the Veldenz Counts through to Napoleon. Idyllic streams, which once energized mills, run through a splendid scenery of vineyards, woods and meadows. Not to mention all the indulgences keeping body and soul together. Plus: No other village on the Moselle hosts as many high-class wellness experts as Mülheim. Whether you come by car, by bike or on foot - at Mülheim you will surely escape the everyday grind. From the car park at the fire station, some beautiful hiking paths lead directly into nature, the world´s largest fitness room. At the tourist information in Mülheim, you will get worthwhile suggestions for many hiking trails for free. Being active in nature during your holiday is a delight at Mülheim, which is equipped with excellent infrastructure. Even the ancient Romans appreciated its location 2000 years ago, and built a crossing over the river in order to connect the important Roman roads from Mainz and Koblenz to Trier. Enjoy an exciting holiday in this great place amidst the unique viticultural landscape of the Moselle.