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Grillhütte Erden

Verkehrsbüro Erden
Hauptstr. 72
54492 Erden

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"In the beginning, God created heaven and earth..." This sentence from the Bible is often quoted in the wine town of Erden in order to represent the age, but also the historical advantages of the holiday resort. The wine-growing, which already came to Erden with the Romans because of its privileged location, has remained the main source of income for the inhabitants to this day.

Roman heritage
Angled Moselle lanes, half-timbered houses, romantic courtyards and imposing natural stone buildings as well as historical treasures (e.g. the church windows of St. Anna) are local treasures to be discovered. In 1992 a Roman wine press was uncovered in the well-known vineyard "Erdener Treppchen". Unique is the over 4 m high brickwork in a well preserved herringbone pattern from slate stones. A second facility was discovered in 1998. It is the oldest known plant of this kind and dates back to the 2nd century.
The Grillhütte von Erden stands on the Borberg (left in the picture) opposite the village of Erden and offers a wonderful panorama of vineyards and the Moselle.