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Großer Herrgott

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"For more than 50 years, the "Great Lord God" has been standing on the Geierskopf high above Wintrich, visible from afar. With a height of 8.07 metres and a width of 5.25 metres, the popular landmark is probably one of the largest crosses in Rhineland-Palatinate. In 1968 the municipality of Wintrich received the mighty stone figure of Christ as a gift. The statue was created by the artist Lucy Hillebrand and initially stood in a church in Wiesbaden, but the church superiors did not like it and it was quickly banished to the cellar. Josef Reinhard, a native of Wintrich, the stone statue, which was dismantled into its individual parts. He was not bothered by the supposedly too large head and the narrow body, but was delighted and brought the body of Christ to Wintrich. Since then he has been standing on a concrete cross as a symbol of the "Great Lord" in the middle of this vineyard site, which is the best in Wintrich next to the Ohligsberg and, thanks to the slate soil, produces particularly fruity and mineral wines. By the way, the "Wintricher Großer Herrgott" vineyard does not get its name from the statue. In former times there was a small chapel with crucifix above Wintrich. Whenever people went there, they went in a rhetorical manner "to the great Lord God". From this turn of events a cadastral site was created in 1830, but only 100 years later the wine officially bore the name "Wintricher Großer Herrgott". As a vantage point the "Großer Herrgott" offers a unique view over Wintrich, the barrage and the Moselle valley. It is an ideal resting place for hikers on the wine trail, glass trail, bottle trail, Herrgotts' hiking trail or 5-valley trail. In the adjoining ""Queen's vineyard"" each Wintrich wine queen plants one of the vines on the occasion of the "Wintrich wine blossom hike". Those who like can make a small detour to the wayside shrines "Seven Pains of Mary" a little above.