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Heimatmuseum im Mattheiser Hof

Heimatmuseum im Mattheiser Hof
Kirchstraße/Ecke Gestade
54470 Graach

Tel. (0049)65312541



In six theme rooms, the visitors of this museum in the Moselle holiday village of Graach learn all about the historical development, viticulture and agriculture, church, school, clubs and artists. A picture book of the local history of Graach. Mattheiser Hof The Mattheiser Hof (farmyard) is one of the two well-preserved wine estates in Graach owned by the monastery of Trier. It was only in the beginning of the 18th century that it fell into the possession of St Matthew abbey together with some vineyards and several houses. Like all monastic and ecclesiastic estates, the Mattheiser Hof was dissolved and auctioned in the course of the secularization around 1800. In 1863, the municipality purchased the entire building complex to use it as a school and teachers' apartment after a partial extension of the east wing. The south wing served as a priest's home afterwards. The Mattheiser Hof fulfilled the function of elementary school until 1973, when the school of Graach was officially suspended. From 1983 to 1986 the Mattheiser Hof was rebuilt. A larger annexe, the Mattheiser Hall, was established, in which celebrations of e.g. associations and families are held today... The musical society has been given club rooms for rehearsal and cozy gatherings. For the youth, a youth room was created.