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Heimatmuseum im Mattheiser Hof

Heimatmuseum im Mattheiser Hof
Kirchstraße/Ecke Gestade
54470 Graach

Tel. (0049)65312541



The Mattheiser Hof, next to the Josephshof the second well-preserved vineyard of Trier monasteries in Graach, only came into the possession of the Abbey of St. Matthias at the beginning of the 18th century along with vineyards and several houses. Like all monastic and ecclesiastical estates, the Mattheiser Hof was dissolved and auctioned off during the secularization around 1800. In 1863 the municipality bought the entire building complex by auction in order to use it as a school and teacher's flat after a partial extension of the east wing. The south wing then served as a pastor's residence. The function of
The Mattheiser Hof was a primary school until 1973, when the Graacher school was officially closed.
1983-1986 the Mattheiser Hof was rebuilt. The result is a larger extension, the Mattheiser Halle, in which today club celebrations, family celebrations... take place. The Musikverein has received club rooms for rehearsals and cosy get-togethers. A youth room was created for the youth.