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DRK-Sozialwerk Bernkastel-Wittlich - Josephshof
54470 Graach

Tel. (0049) 6531 94552


On the outskirts of Graach wine-growing village lies Josephshof, an ancient wine growing estate. Josephshof was property of St Martin Abbey in Trier until the end of feudalism. Allegedly, Josephshof had already belonged to the monks of Trier since the 6th century AD. In 1997, the “Josephshof” residential home of DRK-Sozialwerk Bernkastel-Wittlich (German Red Cross) was opened in this place. The house offers lodgings to (primarily mentally) handicapped adults of all ages. It thus gives them the opportunity to lead an independent life. At Josephshof, a further Roman wine press in the Moselle region was detected. Its situation at the foot of the south-west slope of a steep hill (“Graacer Josephshöhe”) in one of the best vineyard sites and close to the river is comparable to that of other Roman wine press houses. That is why the existence of a Roman wine press in this place had been presumed for a long time. The wine press was found in June 1995 during repair works on the foundation of pillars in the former barn building. At that instance, remains of Roman basins were discovered as well. It was discovered the wine press house was so big that it extended to the area underneath Josephshof. With an extent of 25.80 x 16.10 metres (originally presumably about 40-50 x 18-20 metres), the site of Graach is certainly one of the larger wine press houses of the Moselle region. The site includes more than four rooms and five basins of different sizes.