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Kapelle "St. Michael"

Kapelle in Haserich
56858 Haserich


"St. Michael" chapel

The old chapel in the midst of the village next to crossroads were valid 1931 as traffic hindrance and one decide to build a new chapel next to the new house of the baker.
The new chapel built up 1932 as in honour of the Saint Michael. In tower there is a bell of steel which founded probable in Brockscheid/Eifel. The church painter Niespor of Zell cared for the acquisation of the statue of the Saint Michael, the pieta rebu
ilt, an electrical heating installed and the chapel received a new organ.
A renovation of the chapel took place in 1974.

Catholic parish Blankenrath
An der Kirche 8
56865 Blankenrath
Phone +49 6545 459
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Always visible from the outside