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Kulturweg "Grafen, Gold und schwarzer Peter"

Verkehrsamt Veldenz
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Johann Peter Petri was born in Burgen in the County of Veldenz in 1752. During the turbulent times of the French occupation, he lost all his possessions, went astray and became a robber and murderer. It is said that “Black Peter”, as whom he was known, invented the card game of the same name for himself and his fellow prisoners during his detainment from 1811 on. Like many outlaws at that time, the “real” Black Peter has a double character, whose bad side was amplified by social injustice. Thus, Johann Peter Petri embodies the highs and lows of human existence in those times. The Black Peter symbolically questions the estimation of historical figures and the meaning of incidents and processes. A reversal of values is typical of the card game: Although one loses the game with this card, the Black Peter is doubtlessly an appealing figure par excellence.

The cultural trail leads through the history of the County of Veldenz. It relates important historical events and thrilling tales of counts, citizens and the Black Peter to the places and territories around the villages. Some of the tales are about religious wars, the life and work in preindustrial and modern times, as well as about historical architecture and viticulture. The trail of 47 km total length offers great views of the County of Veldenz, which formerly enclosed the Moselle villages of Brauneberg, Mülheim, Veldenz, Burgen, Gornhausen and Andel as well as the Castle of Veldenz, the ancestral seat of the Counts of Veldenz. The cultural trail consists of several circular hiking trails and thus can be discovered in sections.