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Side Trail "Briedeler Schweiz

"Seitensprung" Briedeler Schweiz

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"Briedeler Schweiz", Side Trail of the Moselsteig (10,5 km)

Hiking on one of the partner trails of the Moselsteig Trail. These routes are usually closely connected to the Moselsteig Trail and offer the hiker many opportunities to further explore the region on charming excursions - even away from the Mosel. The lengths of the partner trails vary between 9 and 20 kilometres - and the levels of difficulty range from medium to challenging. Again, there is
something for everyone.The partner trails of the Moselsteig Trail are marked as Side Trails and in the region of the Terassenmosel (Terraced Mosel) as Dream Paths.

Starting point: Balduinsplatz in Briedel - Brunnenpatz - Sündstraße - trail through the forest to its first viewing point, the Hindenburglay. It continues uphill, passes interesting slate rocks and finally reaches the the Beinter Kopf, which offers wonderful views of Zell. Several resting places with beautiful panorama views of Zell, Briedel, the Marienburg and Bullay, before descending to "Wilhemhöhe" - Sündkapelle - out of forest to " Kaiserlay" and returning to your starting point Balduinsplatz in Briedel.

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