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Moselweingut Roth

Moselweingut Roth
Auf´m Löhn 2
54492 Lösnich

Tel. (0049) 6532/5209



In the holiday resort of Lösnich you will find the Mosel winery Jürgen Roth. The family winery is run as a sideline. The vineyards Erdener Herrenberg and Kinheimer Hubertuslay are worked on. In addition to wines and sects, liqueurs and spirits are also produced. You can get to know the wines and spirits in the old winegrower's barn.


Opening hours 2020:

Fixed dates for wine tasting:

Easter to the end of August: Fri. and Sat. 18-21

September and October daily 18-21

Further dates for wine tastings can be inquired with pleasure. Wine tastings for 1 to 50 persons are organized in the Vinothek, also with food. The wine tastings can also be organised in English.