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Museum Noviomagi, archäologischer Rundweg und Lauschtour

Museum Noviomagi
54347 Neumagen-Dhron

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NOVIOMAGI MUSEUM opposite of Neumagen´s church sets visitors back to Roman times. Different films, like one on the situation and dimension of the former Roman castle, demonstrate the signification of the place in antiquity. Scenes from Roman everyday life, which are engraved on the funerary monuments at Neumagen, like the “payment of the rent”, or the “hair dressing scene”, are on display at the museum. Greatest emphasis is laid on realistic colours, shapes and details. Two rooms are equipped with magnificent wall décor. In addition, original finds like clay pots and stone fragments of grave monuments are exhibited. Archeological round trip The round trip was financed by the municipality of Neumagen-Drohn and the local “Heimatverein” (club devoted to maintenance of local tradition and nature). It was developed in close cooperation with the “Rheinische Landesmuseum Trier” (the federal museum at Trier). It uncovers the contours and remaining wall fragments of the castle from late antiquity. The various stations of the circular path are equipped with information boards on the most important reliefs found at Neumagen, which have given the municipality its nickname “Rhenish Pergamum”. Alas, the remains of the imposing road castle from late antiquity were largely deconstructed in the course of excavations between 1878 and 1885, so that the former shape is not quite easy to trace. Only the road course and the arrangement of houses which leaned against the castle walls in earlier days are clear landmarks. It was all the more surprising, when in 1997 tower “P”, which had seemingly been torn down, was rediscovered during excavation works. Two metres of the round tower were sustained and its equally two metres high rectangular foundation was preserved as well. As there were no spectacular remains of funerary monuments at this tower - like in other parts of the castle - the tower remains escaped destruction. That is why they are the best-sustained part of the castle from late antiquity.