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Musikschule Thomas Schwab

Musikschule Mülheim
Hauptstraße 36
54486 Mülheim

Tel. (0049) 65349499896
Fax (0049) 65349499897



Cafelounge, children's indoor playground, baby's changing unit, nice practice rooms and attractive music leassons which are customized to the demands of children, youths and adulds. This gives music lovers the possibility to find their way to music.
The offers of the music leassons are tailored to the needs of the different groupes of age. Besides the classical private leasson we also offer group leassons for two or three people. For adulds we provide flexible private leassons without contractual commitment.
The most important part of a musical education is playing music together and experience music. All students who are interested can participate in bands and ensembles.
Frequently there are events where students can present their progress on summer events, concert tours etc.
Everybody - no matter if child or aduld - has the possibility to find out if the choosen instrument is suitable during a trial month.
The musical progress of every student is documented on a personal education passport.
The team of the music school consists of experienced professionals who mainly also perfom on stages with passion.