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Fruit press Thomas Benzmüller

Weingut Thomas Benzmüller
Hauptstraße 22-24
54486 Mülheim/Mosel

Tel. 0049 6534 933030
Fax 0049 6534 933031



Viez (derived from the Latin word “vize” - „the second“) was considered a simple alternative to grape wine among the ancient Romans. As they preferred grape wine, apple wine was mostly the drink of ordinary citizens. Today, the once scorned fresh-tart apple wine of the Moselle-Eifel-Hunsrück region has a remarkable renaissance. Its natural flavour and its low alcoholic content make it a popular alternative to sodas and other refreshment drinks. On a hot summer day, nothing is more pleasant than an ice-cold glass of viez. Mixed with sparkling water, coke or lemonade, it becomes the favourite thirst quencher for everybody. A careful selection of apples, gentle processing and traditional cellar management combined with modern technology make Benzmüller viez one of the best regional apple wines. You can also get direct (not from concentrate) apple juice of the highest quality there, certainly without additives.