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Pfarrkirche "St. Philippus u. Jakobus" in Mittelstrimmig

Kath. Kirchengemeinde
Schulstr. 14
56858 Mittelstrimmig

Tel. +49 6545 1833


Catholic parish church "St. Philipus u. Jakobus" in Mittelstrimmig
The oldest church making dates from the time in front of 1220. It has to be assumed that a Gothic new building was carried out in the 15th century.
Due to the decrepitude of the church 1768/69 becomes a new building, carried out according to Paul Staehling's plans.
The parish church has a valuable equipment for a rural church which suggests generous founders and economic welfare of the municipality in the 18th century. The artists involved in the rearrangement and craftsmen usually came from the surroundings of the electoral court in Coblenz or have been influenced by them fundamentally. From this the high quality of the executed work also gives up. Both side altars are " particularly remarkable with the altarpieces from the Coblenz baroque painter Januarius Zick: Adoration of the shepherds " and "crucifixion". An original organ gallery from the Organ designer Senf is located in the church.

Parish office Blankenrath
An der Kirche 8
56865 Blankenrath
Phone +49 6545459
Fax     +49 6545910508


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