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Roman wine press

Römische Kelteranlage Piesport
54498 Piesport

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Even the Romans cultivated their wine in the best vineyards of the Moselle. Their wine presses were located at the foot of the vineyards and close to the Moselle, so that the young wine could be shipped without much effort. It could not be easier. So the archaeologists also came across the remains of an ancient wine press in Piesport, near the world-famous "Piesporter Goldtröpfchen" vineyard. It has been faithfully restored and partially rebuilt with a mash and must basin, wine press and smoking chamber. You can visit the plant under an open protective building. Once a year there is even a wine press festival with a Roman wine press demonstration according to old tradition. Are you curious? Then take the opportunity to try the wine from the "Piesporter Goldtröpfchen" site. Perhaps this is exactly when the reconstructed Roman wine ship "Stella Noviomagi" from Neumagen-Dhron will pass by. In general, you should combine your trip with a visit to this neighbouring village and learn more about everyday Roman life. A station of the streets of the Romans.