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Gemeinde Hochscheid
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A statue of the Gallo-Roman Goddess Sirona was found in a spring sanctuary near Hochscheid in the Idarwald (Idar woods). The Goddess Sirona was worshiped as Goddess of Healing mainly in eastern France, in the Moselle region and the upper Rhine region. Sirona was the companion of Apollo and was invocated and worshiped at healing spas and springs. As symbol of her healing powers, she bears a snake entwined around her right forearm. She gently leads the snake´s head to a bowl with eggs, which she holds in her left hand. The snake, known as attribute of the healing God Aesculapius, identifies Sirona as Goddess of Healing, too. For us, the snake lives on in the staff of Aesculapius, the symbol of medics.