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Spätrömisches Bergheiligtum "Beinter Kopf"

Spätrömisches Bergheiligtum

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Late Roman mountain sanctuary on the "leg head"

1,5 km south of Zell rises the Beinter Kopf, a slate rock that extends far into the Altlayerbach valley. There are remains of a building that was apparently a Roman temple. The foundation walls of the "Cella" with a four-storey floor plan of approx. 7,2 m x 8,0 m side length are still shown in the terrain. From the associated cultural layers, which had been shifted with the soil from the plateau area of the northern tip to the southeast slope, numerous small finds typical of a Roman cultural site were later recovered. In addition to ceramic shards and many coins, several fibulae and fragments of terracotta were found. On the north-western side of the slate spur, a small Roman depot was discovered in the area of a rock terrace carved like a chamber from stone. It received various tools and equipment made of iron, including a ploughshare and a fully preserved high-speed scale.

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The Late Roman mountain sanctuary is open all year round.

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