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Touristinformation - Verkehrsbüro Brauneberg

Touristikbüro mit Paketshop und Fahrradverleih
Moselweinstraße 101
54472 Brauneberg

Tel. (0049) 6534 933333
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In 588 AD, Brauneberg was first mentioned in documents which stated that the Merovingian King Childebert II gave “duos amandos super mosellam”, i.e. today’s Brauneberg and all the surrounding villages, to his godfather, Bishop Agericus of Verdun, due to the good wine grown there. At that time, none of the vineyard sites in possession of the high church of Verdun produced such high quality wine as the ones in past and present Brauneberg. Throughout the Middle Ages and modern times, Brauneberg maintained its fame as first rate wine-growing village thanks to its excellent Riesling wines. South-facing slopes with a gradient of 80% and a soil of Devonian sedimentary slate create a unique micro-climate in the Middle Moselle valley, which is the basis of the world´s greatest Riesling wines. Characteristics: - former Franciscan Convent with an “Andreasturm” (a special tower) and crypt - one of the oldest Roman wine press sites north of the Alps - double church with the only onion dome in the Moselle region - longest walnut alley along the Moselle (1.6 km). The trees served as protection against drifting ice in winter - largest vine variety path of Rhineland-Palatinate at “Mandelgraben” vineyard site - wood- and nature trail (2.9 km) - enology trail at “Klostergarten” vineyard (1.2 km) - 50 km of well-signposted hiking paths Last but not least, Brauneberg holds a unique national record: On August 11, 1998, the highest temperature ever measured (in the shadow) in Germany, was registered here: 41.2°C!