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Verkehrsbüro Erden

Verkehrsbüro Erden
Hauptstr. 72
54492 Erden

Tel. (0049) 6532 2549
Fax (0049) 6532 1585



The wine growing municipality of Erden, with its approx. 400 inhabitants, is a typical small Moselle village. Its narrow streets and traditional half-timbered houses offer a picturesque setting for wine-lovers and others. The village lies amidst vineyards and is a nice destination for a memorable holiday on the Moselle. Apart from various opportunities for wine tastings at more than 15 wine estates, many modern guest houses and holiday flats with altogether 250 beds as well as the 1.5 ha camp site invite you to stay.
In addition to the many street and wine festivals of the neighboring villages, 8 clubs and associations organize events and lectures throughout the year. For culture enthusiasts, the incomparable Roman wine press site of Erden is open to the public all year. Guided tours are organized on request.