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Wehlener Moselbrücke

Mosel-Gäste-Zentrum Bernkastel-Kues
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Talking about bridges, Wehlen village has traditionally been a place of misfortune. The first concrete bridge from 1915 was completely demolished by flood waters in 1920 due to defects in construction of the foundation. The next try from 1926 was an arched iron bridge, which was deliberately blasted during the retreat of German soldiers in 1945. 1913 Beginning of construction works on the first “Kaiser-Wilhelm” bridge named after the former German emperor. Karl Brand Company from Düsseldorf built the bridge for 250,000 Mark. On September 22, 1915, it was officially opened. 1920 On January 15, the highest floodwaters since 1784 demolished the bridge due to a construction error. The ruins were not cleared until 1923-24. 1925-26 The second bridge, an arched iron construction, was built. It got along without a pillar in the river and was officially opened November 24, 1926. 1945 Bomb attack at Wehlen on February 24: 16 persons died, 35 houses were completely destroyed and more than 194 buildings damaged, including the parish building and the old church. On March 12, the second bridge was deliberately blasted by retreating German troops in order to block allied troops. 1947-49 Construction of the third bridge at Wehlen, the first and only suspension bridge across the Moselle. Three companies, “Stahlbau”, “Rheinhausen” and “Gebr. Keller” from Bernkastel-Kues were involved. It was financed by an extraordinary tax of 1 DM per sq m of vineyards on wine makers. 1949 On March 19, the steel construction of the third new bridge was completed. From September 17 to September 19, it was inaugurated and opened for traffic.