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Wein & Gut Kiebel

Gästehaus Kiebel
Hauptstr. 67-69
54492 Lösnich

Tel. (0049) 6532 2018
Fax (0049) 6532 2006



Come and visit Benedikt Kiebel wine estate in Lösnich during your holiday in the Moselle region! Skilled craftsmanship is employed to mature different sorts of wine in accordance with their individual requirements. The result are wholesome high-quality wines. According to the winemaker, the cellar can only obtain what the vineyard has received as a present by nature. Therefore, careful treatment of the wine during the maturation period is the first priority: Intervention is strictly limited to cases where quality can be enhanced. Visitors are invited to become acquainted with the large range of wine and champagne: Tingly Riesling sparkling wines, fiery red wines and exquisite Rivaner, Burgundy and Riesling wines! Try their wines on the spot: the guest house opened in 1997 and has four double rooms, an apartment and a holiday home.


Opening hours 2020:

Wine tastings can be arranged for 2 to 45 people by appointment. We are also happy to serve food or give a guided tour of the cellar. Wine tasting in Dutch or English is also possible.