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Winery Bollig

Weingut Bollig
Im Triesch 4
54487 Wintrich

Tel. (0049) 152 338 97472



Our winery is located in probably the most spectacular German wine-growing region - in the heart of the Moselle! Our vineyards are all located around the village of Wintrich - from the flat valley floor up to the rugged slate cliffs. Our fresh Rieslings and varietal wines grow in the valley, close to the Moselle and on the gentle slopes. The cool breeze that the river brings with it creates precise and animating wines. Our best Riesling wines grow in the steep mountain slopes, on stony slate soil. Here, wines with the typical Moselle minerality and fascinating aromas are created. Our wines tell you about their homeland:

stony slate soils // breathtaking landscape // craft of the winegrower // steep vineyards

 Viticulture under the sign of the ox:

 The ox - an impressive animal, which stands for patience, good-naturedness but also stubbornness. Our family has been associated with the ox for decades. We find there are worse connections and comparisons with the animal world. After all, the ox stands for characteristics that are also decisive in our everyday life as winegrowers to produce great wines.

 Wine tasting and wine sale by arrangement