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Weingut Brixius

Weingut Brixius
Moselstraße 33
54484 Maring-Noviand

Tel. (0049) 6535 571



Manuel Brixius is 35 years young - and already an established Riesling expert. He grew up among the vines of his parents' vineyard in Maring on the Moselle. Then he studied classical viticulture and oenology in the wine town of Geisenheim in the Rheingau. In between a practical semester at the Riesling Winery Hermann J. Wiemer in the State of New York/USA. There Manuel Brixius got to know new facets of Riesling. Most recently he was production manager at the largest winegrowers' cooperative in Rhineland-Palatinate and one of the leading Riesling producers in the world. He was responsible for the production of 40 million bottles per year. Manuel Brixius knows everything there is to know about Riesling. Fresh, tasty and uncomplicated - these are some of the best attributes of a Moselle wine. From
for this reason, Manuel Brixius now calls his top wines Brix Riesling, short and crisp. "Brix" in all its spicy brevity not only sounds like the petite form of Brixius, but also denotes the Anglo-American unit of measurement for must weight (in contrast to "Öchsle" in Germany). The Brix Riesling combines all the experience of Manuel Brixius with his claim to produce a noble wine for connoisseurs all over the world. Drinking Brix Riesling is like talking to your best friend: it means more. Discreet fruity aromas of apple, lime and peach, plus the mineral spice from the slate soil along the sunny slopes of the Moselle. Lively and fresh, yet profound. These characteristics convince both experienced wine connoisseurs and those who are not,
who want to become one.