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Weingut-Destillerie-Bierstube Zum Schwengelpetz

Weingut-Destillerie-Bierstube Zum Schwengelpetz
St. Martinstr. 80
54498 Piesport

Tel. (0049) 6507/5451



Elke and Klaus-Peter Kettern, a team that has been harmonizing for over 30 years. They have been running their small winery since 1980. In 1988 Klaus-Peter tries his hand at distilling and finds his great passion there. In 2002 the two open their restaurant "Zum Schwengelpetz" - a small, lovingly furnished place with many delicious specialities Stop by and spend a few pleasant hours on our cosy terrace or in the restaurant. Enjoy small dishes, home-brewed beer, wines, secco and especially our brandies and liqueurs. Drop by, we look forward to seeing you.